User Guidelines

We are happy to provide you with D&R as a platform to have fun and express yourself. While enjoying yourself, please be aware of the things you can and cannot do on Dating&Rating.

Here is a list of some of rules to adhere while creating our profiles;

  • No nudity (You cannot post a naked picture publicly, period.)
  • No genitals, nor a peek through clothing
  • No pornographic images
  • No copyrighted photos, images
  • No promoting unsafe sex and drugs
  • No photos of anyone under age of 18 (Regardless in what context, no underage photo)
  • No impersonating anyone
  • Nothing regarding firearms, weapons (Doesn't matter either real weapon or not)
  • No violent images
  • Never make a racist, bigoted comments/jokes that may offend other users
  • No advertising. No solicitation of services, goods, events, websites or apps.
  • No promoting paid massages and escorting
  • No external contact information such as phone number, e-mail address, address etc.

Violation of any of the guidelines above will have consequences such as having a permanent ban from Dating&Rating. Please also be informed that Dating&Rating reserves the right to remove any photos from profiles.

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